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Established in Malaysia, MAG Security (MAG SECURITY & AUTOMATION SDN. BHD.) has emerged as a premier provider of security automation systems. With a steadfast dedication to quality and reliability, MAG Security has continually strived to deliver top-notch security solutions tailored for homes, businesses, and organizations. Anchored in a culture of innovation and unwavering customer service, MAG Security offers an extensive array of products and services aimed at fostering secure and user-friendly environments.



Barrier Gate Systems: MAG Security's automatic barrier gate systems provide robust control over access to parking lots, gated communities, and other restricted areas. Seamlessly integrated with access control solutions, these systems offer heightened security and access management capabilities.

Access Control Systems: Safeguard buildings, rooms, or specific areas with MAG Security's access control systems. Leveraging a variety of identification methods such as key cards, key fobs, or mobile credentials, these systems ensure precise access control tailored to your needs.

Intercom Systems: Elevate communication and security with MAG Security's intercom systems, facilitating seamless two-way communication between entry points and central locations. Enhance visitor management and overall security with these reliable communication solutions.

Alarm Systems: Ensure the protection of your property with MAG Security's advanced security alarm systems. Featuring motion detection, door and window sensors, and integration with security monitoring services, these systems offer comprehensive security coverage for peace of mind.

Security Cameras: Keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere with MAG Security's range of security cameras. From high-definition (HD) to internet protocol (IP) cameras, these surveillance solutions provide crystal-clear visuals and enhance overall surveillance capabilities.

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