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Optoma is a leading global brand renowned for its innovative audiovisual solutions, spanning projectors, interactive flat panels, and audio products. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, Optoma delivers high-performance, reliable solutions that elevate entertainment, communication, and presentation experiences across various industries and applications.



Projectors: Optoma offers a diverse range of projectors, including home theater, business, education, and professional models, delivering stunning visuals with high brightness, sharp resolution, and versatile connectivity options.

Interactive Flat Panels: Optoma's interactive flat panels provide engaging collaboration and presentation experiences with touch-screen functionality, 4K resolution, and built-in Android or Windows operating systems.

Audio Solutions: Optoma's audio products, including soundbars, speakers, and wireless audio systems, deliver immersive sound experiences for home entertainment, corporate meetings, and public venues.

Professional Services: Optoma provides professional services such as installation, calibration, and maintenance support to ensure optimal performance and reliability for their audiovisual solutions.

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