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Brand: SALTO
Model: XS4 One

The SALTO XS4 One escutcheon is a revolutionary stand-alone electronic lock thanks largely to the level of technology packed inside that brings together the convenience of an offline point -- easy installation and no wires – with all the power and performance of an online point.

Stylish Design

With the XS4 One, we raise the bar on this already high standard. All-in-one smart lock designed to blend into any type of door, any access point and door retrofit. SALTO XS4 One is an evolution of the XS4 Original model with a new sleek built-in reader that is available in two colors – black and white – and in seven different body finishes that look great on any access point or door. The stylish, yet technologically-advanced solution complements any type of interior design or decor.

The SALTO XS4 One, thanks to its small discreet size and modern, clean LED aesthetic, simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door, including those with narrow frames.

Advanced Technology

Security, safety, flexibility and efficiency are all essential aspects of access control. With the XS4 One battery-operated electronic smart lock simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door. Now it is possible to integrate all your physical security needs through networked, easy to install, stand-alone locks and wireless smart door locks, giving you real-time access control for virtually all the doors in your building.

Powerful electronic door lock. Built from the highest-grade materials and carefully manufactured body and escutcheon made of steel. 

Smart Access

The XS4 One electronic lock combines proven robustness, the latest technologies, and elegant design, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The SALTO XS4 One is part of the proven SALTO access control platform adding a new design with a totally new built-in reader. It includes the latest electronic components – RFID (Mifare® DESFire and HID iClass® Seos™), Bluetooth and NFC - Near Field Communication – which ensures current and future compatibility.

Using smart keys and mobile technology with the SALTO XS4 One allows users to manage access rights quickly and keyless, which is more secure than using mechanical keys. There is also additional value in the flexibility, convenience and operational efficiency.


Main Features

  • Simple installation by changing handle set, reliable and durable.
  • SALTO SVN, SALTO BLUEnet Wireless network and JustIN Mobile technology inside.
  • Door status detector to monitor intrusions or door left open status (wireless escutcheons only).
  • User on card audit trailing capability via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).
  • Covering the mainstream RFID technologies.
  • NFC compatible.
  • All communication between the carrier and the electronic lock is encrypted and secured.
  • Low battery status information is obtained from carriers.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock).
  • High security protection via high resistance, hardened anti-drill plates to protect wiring and reader area.
  • Handle fixed by steady fix system (patented).
  • Concealed fixing screws for greater security and improved aesthetics.
  • Available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs.
  • Wide range of finishes, handles and retrofit cover plates.
  • Suitable for emergency exits.
  • Firmware upgrades wirelessly or through PPD.
  • Emergency opening via portable programming device (PPD).

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